Sustainable Beach Holiday Destination

Sustainable Beach Holiday Destination

Sustainable Beach Holiday DestinationSustainable Beach Holiday DestinationSustainable Beach Holiday Destination

Sustainable Beach Holiday Destination

Sustainable Beach Holiday Destination

Sustainable Beach Holiday DestinationSustainable Beach Holiday DestinationSustainable Beach Holiday Destination

A New Astonishing 2nd Hotel Zone Is underway


With white sandy beaches, cenotes, dolphins in the lagoon, tours of the mangroves and access to a number of Mayan sites and natural wonders, a new collection of sustainable Eco-Hotel Resorts are coming to Isla Aguada, Campeche. Playa Mundo Maya will be a haven focused on eco tourism...

White Sandy Beach, Cenotes and Mundo Maya

Authorized to be build the Ah Kanan Hotel Resort will be the first of the luxury resorts coming to Playa Mundo Maya, a farm-to-table project with solar-powered beachfront cottages. The first of several eco-hotel projects underway.

By the time the planned resorts are open, the Playa Mundo Maya will be competing with the world's most attractive destinations for honeymoons and health retreats embracing the heart of Mexican culture.

Oceanfront Land Lots For Hotel Development Available

Prime Oceanfront Land

Beach lot

The hotel development lots starting from 20 meters up to 800 meters wide on the oceanfront, and 2000 meters deep ending to a lagoon in the back part of the lot. 

All the land lots have a prime white sandy beach and the services near to connect. Commercial lots available.

Foreigner can own through simple corporation structure

Yucatan beach lots

The property is fully titled with all legal matters in order (Tax Dec etc.)

A foreigner can own property in the Mexico true easy corporation structure or bank trust. (we have guided over 300 clients in 15 years, fast and easy to open)

Projects with the permits

Eco Hotel Development project

Hotel Projects from the 20 units up to 550 rooms including beach clubs & restaurants, spas, and swimming pools. The area is zoned for eco-tourism. Commercial and hotel development land are available.


The price of beachfront land in Playa Mundo Maya is expected to increase to the same level as Hotel Zones already built in the Yucatan peninsula.

The New Mayan Train Railway Is Underway - Video

The New Mayan Train will transport 3 000 000 tourists yearly from Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Bacalar, Merida and Chetumal in Mundo Maya and to Playa Mundo Maya.

The New Highway Is Ready - VIDEO

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) made a historic investment of 7 billion pesos to build and modernize the Federal Highway No. 180 in Campeche.


Mayan Ruins Next To Playa Mundo Maya

Playa Mundo Maya attractions

Mayan Ruins Next To Playa Mundo Maya

Only the state of Campeche has 17 Mayan archaeological zones that have a great historical and architectural importance,

here you can find the top 13: 

- Calakmul: The area was recognized by UNESCO as a Mixed Heritage of Humanity.

- Xpuhil, Hormiguero, Chicanná, Becán, Nadzcaan, Balamku, Edzná, Tohcok, Xcalumkín, Hochob, Tabasqueño and Kanki

Mayan Ruins



WHY CAMPECHE IS YOUR NEXT VENUE Magic, proximity, all the services, and the first-class venues.


Prime Location And Beach Quality


“It’s very rare today to find a place like this, where you can create an entire holiday destination unto itself - much less one that’s proximate to the US – and with good infrastructure.”

The Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Airport, Federal Highway and the new Mayan Train railway all near.

Two international Airports

Beach of Campeche

There is two international airports near:

- Ciudad Del Carmen 40 min from the resort area.

- Campeche City 1H 20 min. from the Hotel Zone

Beachfront lot

Several International hotel companies from Cancun to Tulum will be expanding their operations to Playa Mundo Maya.

Campeche State and The City


Campeche state is the safest state in all of Mexico.

Campeche City is one of the most beautiful capitals in the country. UNESCO named it as a model of a colonial baroque city planning. Additionally, it was declared a World Heritage Site. It has 17 archaeological sites including Calakmul, the largest Mayan city that has ever been discovered. If you're looking to escape from the tourist crowd, its beautiful beaches are for you. Campeche has charming corners that you'll love including the beautiful colonial port, various Mayan ceremonial centers and majestic nature reserves. 

8 reasons to visit Campeche

  1. Campeche (Isla Aguada) has the best beach in the Gulf of Mexico
  2. Campeche State is the safest State in Mexico
  3. Campeche City historic center is the Unesco World Heritage Site
  4. Campeche City is the only walled city in Mexico
  5. Archaeological sites nearby
  6. Campeche sunsets are unforgettable
  7. Food in Campeche is delicious
  8. Campeche is an inclusive city

Economic growth

Campeche will venture into the Luxury Tourism industry

The state government of Campeche has set a  goal: to turn Campeche into the new tourism jewel of Mexico.

Regarding the tourism secretary the hotel occupancy, particularly in Ciudad del Carmen, has increased.

In 2016, the arrival of 952,000 visitors to the state was recorded, according to figures from the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur).

Last year, hotel occupancy grew 8.9%, to 1,000,370 visitors, who left an economic spill of more than 1.5 billion dollars.

Only 300,000 travelers arrived in the capital, equivalent to 29 % of the total number of tourists reported in 2017.

74 % of the visitors were national, while the remaining 26% were foreigners, of which 14% were from the United States. 

The goal is now to turn Campeche into a reference in tourism, not only nationally, but globally.


PROMOCIONAL CARMEN... "Su historia, tu presente"

Creado por la secretaria de turismo del estado de Campeche

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